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The current high profile given to the anti-bullying initiative across the country is to be welcomed.  Existing TRA policies have been re-examined as part of the behaviour review and will continue to take cognisance of national developments in this area.

Bullying thrives in a climate of “not telling” and we have asked staff and senior pupils to be alert for any signs of bullying anywhere on the school campus.  Awareness is heightened by work done by Guidance staff in Personal and Social Education classes.  However, we would encourage you to contact Guidance staff or the Senior Management Team if you have any suspicion that your child is the victim of bullying, either verbal or physical.  If it goes undetected or unreported, there can be long-lasting damage to self-confidence and self-esteem, not to mention the adverse effect on learning.

Bullying and racist incidents are taken seriously, dealt with,  and are reported to the education department.


Our Behaviour Policy aims to bring a consistency of approach across the school and is based on explicit, realistic expectations, backed by a clear, structured set of sanctions.  The expectations are as follows:

We expect pupils to:

  1. Arrive on time with the necessary books and equipment.
  2. Listen carefully and follow instructions at first time of asking.
  3. Ask for help when unsure.
  4. Hand homework in on time and present it neatly.
  5. Follow all safety rules.
  6. Show consideration for others and their property.
  7. Not eat or drink in class with the exception of bottled water.

We expect teachers to:

  1. Arrive on time and not leave the class unnecessarily
  2. Keep an accurate register of attendance for each class.
  3. Ensure that work is set at an appropriate level to meet the needs of all pupils.
  4. Have high expectations of pupil work and behaviour.
  5. Use praise appropriately.
  6. Be consistent in the application of sanctions


Homework Policy PDF

We liaise closely with all the main transport providers on day-to-day matters of concern.   However, responsibility for the provision of transport for pupils who live more than three miles from the school lies with Highland Council and any queries about routes and contracts should be addressed to Christine Dodd, Transport Officer, TEC Services, Market Square, Wick.

Pupil safety is our major concern.   Parental support in stressing the importance of remaining seated while the bus is in motion and doing nothing to distract the driver would be appreciated.   We ask senior pupils to monitor behaviour on the buses and we encourage drivers to report any instances of misbehaviour.   Where pupils do not respond to warnings, we remove their right to travel on the bus until we receive guarantees about future behaviour.   Routine concerns, about bus passes for example, should be addressed to the school office.


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